Olympic Jewelry

Olympic Jewelry

Pawn shop located in Seattle, WA

Contact Information

3510 Fremont Place North
Seattle, WA
(2,297 mi)


We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated Seattle jewelry store across the bridge from Bellevue, offering antique and vintage jewelry and engagement rings, collateral/pawn loans, diamond and jewelry buying, gold buying, luxury watch buying, consignment, appraisals, and jewelry repair. We are at your service!


Store Hours

Open Now
Tuesday11 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday11 AM - 6 PM
Thursday11 AM - 6 PM
Friday11 AM - 6 PM
Saturday11 AM - 4 PM

Map and Directions

Capitol Loans
Open Now
611 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA
(2,296 mi)


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