Loyalty Pawn

Loyalty Pawn

Pawn shop located in Sacramento, CA

Contact Information

3409 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA
(2,340 mi)


When asked Who is Loyalty Pawn? Our team and staff replied: We are a family-owned operation with 5 locations, that genuinely cares about our community, offering an invaluable service to people who find themselves in a tight spot. We know that people need help from time to time financially and we are there to help them when in need. We do this by; 1) Offering short-term cash loans that do not require a credit check, which opens doors for our community who have been turned down through other institutions. 2) We buy items of value that are no longer wanted. Items like: Jewelry (including broken and missed matching) Tools (Including Used) Designer Bags +more! 3) We also have a huge showroom of items for purchase! Up to 50% off!


Store Hours

Monday10 AM - 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM - 6 PM
Thursday10 AM - 6 PM
Friday10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday10 AM - 6 PM

Map and directions

North City Pawn
2105 Del Paso Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
(2,343 mi)


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