Sunbelt Jewelry & Loan

Sunbelt Jewelry & Loan

Pawn shop located in Irving, TX

Contact Information

735 West Shady Grove Road
Irving, TX
(1,169 mi)


Sunbelt Pawn Shops operates locations in Houston, Dallas, Irving & Fort Worth. Sunbelt Pawn Shops specializes in quality merchandise at an exceptional value. You’ll find Sunbelt Pawn Shops are the perfect place to find everything from authentic luxury handbags, fine jewelry, firearms to a gently used music instrument, audio equipment, electronics, and power tools. Whether you are a business person in need of a quick loan, or someone wanting to acquire immediate cash, you’ll find the staff at Sunbelt Pawn Shops to be highly professional, experienced, and extraordinarily confidential.


Store Hours

Open Now
Monday9 AM - 7 PM
Tuesday9 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday9 AM - 7 PM
Thursday9 AM - 7 PM
Friday9 AM - 7 PM
Saturday9 AM - 6 PM

Map and directions

Valu + Pawn
Open Now
205 South Rogers Road
Irving, TX
(1,169 mi)


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